1865' from state of Kentucky 168cm x 147cm  made with silk & velvet

This valuable Grandmother's flower garden quilt was made by a boy named Diltz and his sisters for the Civil war fundraising. The size of a hexagon piece is amazingly tiny, about equal to a dime, and this labor intensive quilt was all pieced and hand made by Diltz brother and sisters. This quilt was considered as an American cultural heritage and was appeared in a quilt illustration book in USA. Early names for this hexagonal-shaped pattern were "Hexagon", "Honeycomb", "French Bouquet", and "Mosaic" quilt. After the 20th century, hexagon quilt was called Grandmother's flower garden. This quilt contains 218 colorful flowers. One flower consists of 19 pieces, and hexagon pieces are 4142 pieces (19 pcs x 218 pcs) total for just the flower parts. Also there are black hexagon pieces for bordering each flower. Each piece is carefully planned and beautifully aligned.

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