1880'−1900' from Lancaster, Pennsylvania 183cm x 183cm  Front: all wool, Back: Polished cotton

Settlers built their house with their own hands. Log cabin is a small house built from logs. Log cabin barn raising layout suggests the cooperative effort which a community comes together to assemble a barn for its households. The contrast of dark and light colors has a meaning that light side relates to happiness and the dark side to sorrow, of which life is filled. Also, it is reflecting the sun shine coming into the log cabin's floor. Log cabin is one of the oldest quilt patterns. The center piece represents a prop of the house; red color stands for the hearth, warmth and life. Log cabin quilts became fad especially in the United States and has been one of the most used quilt designs. They were mostly made of wool, cotton, velvet and silk. This layout, consisting of alternating diamonds of dark and light, draws the eye across the quilt which gives strong impact on the entire quilt. It represents the construction process that would raise a barn. The angle of this design is reflecting the angle of a building and a wall.

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