1930' from state of Washington 225cm×186cm

A quilt made with hundreds or thousands of small and same size square pieces sewn in one quilt is called Postage Stamp. Instead of the standard square block setting for Postage stamp quilt, this is set with a series of square pieces coating diagonally on the blue color vegetable dyed fabric. Although this quilt was completed in the 20th century, it shows tendency of what type of fabrics quilter had used during the late 19th century.

This pattern may seem to be simple and easy technically, but it requires certain skills for such an intricate work of sewing many tiny pieces together. Red pieced lines were set in every five lines of light or shaded colors, and it creates modulation effect as these lines seem to "pop" from the surface of the quilt. Also note that there is one line which fabrics were changed in the middle of the line.

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